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Quick Hits

As part of our search for great sites, we’ll bring you quick hits. We recommend you check out Urban Porn. This site is literally wall to wall with hot girls and edgy videos. You see what we did there, wall to wall and edgy in the same sentence? We love being all clever like that. :-) And if you’re feeling the need for real live human company you could check out antalya escort. We’re not sure what language this is in or what jurisdiction, but Adult Sex Blog does not condone any illegal activity, so keep it at escorting, okay fellas?

Chloe Amour Shrine

This one breaks down to a very simple choice. Do you like smoking hot Latinas who are a little bit lesbian? If some the http://www.sitefoundation.org is for you. If not, why the hell not? Site Foundation promises that over time it will become a sort private porn collection gone public for its author. No super-specialized niche here, just a blog of what the author likes. And what does he like? All we know for sure so far is that he really likes Latina/Cherokee Chloe Amour.

This focus should not be taken to meant here isn’t much content. There are around a half dozen posts with high definition on-page videos and lots of screen captures. It just happens to all be about Chloe.

If you like your porn with a bit of an edge, you have to treat yourself to the article that basically features another chick forcing Chloe to take more and more cock. Chloe Amour gagging is a very hot site. But there are of course tamer videos without the gagging and spitting. If you want a wide variety, at least for the time being, you’d be better off at a tube site. But for depth of content Site Foundation is hard to beat.

In Search of the Perfect Ass

Really Perfect Ass Nude Woman Our friends at http://www.perfectass.biz have a fun job. They sift through the free porn videos made available by the pay sites as promotional material looking for ass-oriented material. Then they categorize and quantify the asses in question. Their goal is not, as their name might suggest, to find a perfect ass. It’s to help you find your perfect ass. And we’re not just talking about one niche, we’re in mash-up Nirvana.  We have Asians with huge tits and a Latina MILF among a great many others.

So the asses are broken into fine-grained categories to better help you narrow the field. Then they use the tag structure on the posts to help you find everything else you look for in a good adult video. So if your goal in life is to find a hot Latina with a bubble butt and blonde hair, you’ve got the tools to pull together everything  together that matches.PerfectAss.biz

It seems like these folks do a good job of never forgetting that however obsessive you are about your niche of preference, in the the end the point is to have fun looking at hot porn clips. And they give you what you need to get there. And the porn stars these guys bring are no lightweights. We’re talking industry heavy-hitters like Madison Ivy, Keisha Grey, and Sara Luvv. With multiple articles on each, the content is there if you’re into perfect asses, huge tits, or teen Latinas. Be sure to open the individual posts’ pages, since each is loaded with photos from the video and the video itself. Then there are the infamous Perfect Ass obsession themes. Check out their lesbian 69 and the Latina lesbian fun.

While we’re all only going for the videos and pictures, the writing on Perfect Ass is worth glancing over. Sometimes the authors take an obsessively serious approach, but sometimes they seem to embody irony and just make fun of all the serious things they usually do. They mix it up and keep it interesting. The site is definitely a good one to add to your required reading list.